This method is still efficient, however the same operation can be performed just through the parameter “release” of the setavail call.

The supplier sends this message to set the value of “release” parameter. The query type(type) is set to setrelease.

PAY ATTENTION: A period of allotment must be already entered in order to process the request. The period must exist, it doesn’t matter with which values.

PAY ATTENTION: it is recommended to use this instruction AFTER the allotments setting in order to avoid overwritings.

Below you can see the fields you can find in the message body and their meanings.

  • startdate

    first day of the release period

  • enddate

    end day of the release period

  • release

    release value

Let’s see an example of message the client could send.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <query type="setrelease" product="hotel" agrement="5629">