This request allows the client system to access the information about the hotels'details in the TOWeRS system.


The request needs to contain only the identifier of the hotel (reported in the id attribute of the hotel tag).
The type attribute has to be set to hotel_details.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
    <query type="details" product="hotel">  
        <hotel id="123456"/>  

The response message contains in its response tag the list of all the details of the hotel in the form as described in the following list:

  • id: hotel's identifier
  • city: city unique code
  • country: country unique code
  • name: hotel name
  • email: hotel email
  • zone: hotel zone code
  • position: hotel position, description. Includes the following fields
    • airport: code of related airport
    • apt_time: time needed to reach the airport, in minutes
    • station_time: time needed to reach the station, in minutes
    • center_time: time needed to reach the town center, in minutes
    • metro_time: time needed to reach the nearest metro, in minutes
    • apt_distance: distance from airport, in kilometers
    • center_distance: distance from city center, in kilometers
    • metro_distance: distance from nearest metro station, in kilometers
    • fairs: list of important fairs in town
    • station_distance: distance from train station, in kilometers
    • bus_time: time needed to reach the nearest bus stop, in minutes
    • bus_distance: distance from next bus station, in kilometers
    • dimora: whether the hotel is an historic building or not
  • vote: hotel vote, if any
  • reports: reports about the hotel
  • address: hotel adderess
  • stars: number of stars
  • classification: classification given by TOWeRS (as seen in availability searches)
  • description: hotel description H historycal, M modern e T traditional
  • location: hotel position (as seen in availability searches)
  • park_auto: parking possibilities
  • facilities: services for disabled
  • airconditioning: air conditioning
  • nosmoking: rooms for no-smoking customers
  • telephone: telephone number
  • fax: fax number
  • film: rooms for film
  • lt: Hotel position: latitude, in degrees.
  • lg: Hotel position: longitude, in degrees.
  • boutique: boutique available
  • tennis: tennis fields available
  • pool_hot: heated pools
  • hairdreyer: hair dryer
  • gym: Gym
  • sauna: sauna
  • shuttle_apt: shuttle for airport
  • shuttle_center: shuttle for center
  • babysitting: baby sitting service
  • shops: shops
  • solarium: solarium
  • station: train station name (if available)
  • metro: rail station name (if available)
  • hotelfacilities: hotel services list
    • dbl: how many double rooms (empty or full)
    • travel_agency: in-hotel travel agency
    • start_porter: time the porter starts
    • sgl: how many single rooms (empty or full)
    • conference: conference room
    • dblext: how many extended double rooms (empty or full)
    • coach_parking: specific parking for coaches
    • twn: how many twin rooms (empty or full)
    • twnext: how many extended twin rooms (empty or full)
    • start_roomservice: time the room service starts at
    • lifts: lifts
    • internet: internet connection
    • soccer: soccer field
    • lobby_size: size of the lobby
    • suites: how many suite rooms (empty or full)
    • laundry: whether there's a laundry in the hotel
    • beauty: whether there's a beauty salon in the hotel
    • checkin: general checkin time
    • park_bus: specific parking for buses
    • carrental: in-hotel car rental
    • garage_auto: garage
    • end_roomservice: room service end time
    • qdr: how many quadruple rooms (empty or full)
    • busstop: bus stop next to the hotel
    • trp: how many triple rooms (empty or full)
    • animals: animals allowed
    • lightboard: lightboard
    • projector: projector
    • bar: bar
    • pool_open: outside pool
    • shuttle_station: in-hotel shuttle station
    • dinner: dinner in hotel
    • pool_close: inside pool
    • coach_dropoff: coach dropoff
    • end_porter: time the porter service ends
    • mic: mic
    • other_facilities: list of furthermore facilities
    • voltage: voltage (in volts)
  • roomsfacilities: room services list
    • tvsat: satellite TV
    • minibar: minibar
    • tv: television
    • rfacilities: facilities for disabled people
    • safe: safe box
    • pantsiron: pants iron
    • alarm: alarm
    • flatiron: flat iron
    • paytv: pay-per-view tv
    • wifi: WiFi network
    • rtelephone: telephone in the room
    • radio: radio20231106133409
    • modem: cable network connection
    • rairconditioning: air conditioning in the room
  • position: hotel position details
  • sheets: structure informations (text)
  • pictures: hotel photos
    • picture: a picture of the hotel. The src attribute reports the URL where to download the picture from. The type attribute has been removed.
  • restaurants (please notice you can use hotel Delfino - ID 14631 - to obtain restaurant data in test environment): hotel restaurants list
  • restaurant: restaurant details
  • capacity: restaurant capacity
  • schedules: restaurant time slots
  • schedule: restaurant schedule. "Type" attribute defines time slot, and can have one of the following values:
    • bf - Breakfast time slot
    • lu - Lunch time slot
    • di Dinner time slot
  • from: opening time
  • to: closing time
  • cuisine_type: restaurant cuisine typology
  • names: restaurant typology name (multilanguage).
  • descriptions: restaurant typology description (multilanguage).