Once the previous steps have been successfully implemented, you can move from the development to the production. However, it is a good rule, before requesting the move, to perform a check with the technical department.

In particular it is important to verify that:

  1. availability search is showing the appropriate prices in case of booking one room, two rooms of different types, two rooms of the same type;
  2. treatments, breakfasts and the contract types are actually translated and displayed to the customer;
  3. searches show the expected result of the deadline before making the reservation itself;
  4. the reservation is successfully received by the TOWERS system in all situations listed in point 1;
  5. cancellation is properly received by the TOWERS system;
  6. optional – in order to complete the editing features - you should verify that the modifications in the reservations system are properly reflected in the TOWERS system. The same principle applies to the remarks.

Once the previous points have beeen verified, the technical department of the Tour Operator will provide the URL and the codes needed to move into production - but they remain available to carry out some testing in that environment.