Below you can see the list of the header fields with their meanings


  • Client name. Given by TOWeRS at the agreements subscription. user
  • User's identifier. Given by TOWeRS at the agreements subscription.


  • User's password. Combined to user. Given TOWeRS at the agreements subscription.


  • Protocol version. Different protocol versions may have different behaviours so it's important to use the correct one provided by TOWeRS IT department.


  • It's built when the message has been created. The timestamp is a numerical value given by YYYYMMGGhhmmss where:
  • YYYY is the full year
  • MM is the full month (two digits)
  • GG is the full day (two digits)
  • hh is the hour, (two digits) in 24h format
  • mm is the minute (two digits)
  • ss is the seconds (two digits)

This way is possible to recover the order in which the messages have been sent.


  • It indicates the transaction number. It is used to identify answers unambiguously (max 10 char).