Once obtained all the necessary details, you can proceed with the proper reservation.
In particular, once we have the availability data, the only missing thing are the names of the passengers.

The most common error when sending a booking message is to build it identical - or almost - the availability request just adding passenger names within the relevant type of room.

This approach often works, but only in “simple” cases in which it is reserved just one room type.
Where the rooms of the same type could be more than one (eg two singles), the system will no longer be able to match passengers to the rooms.
It is therefore important to remember that you must send one tag room for each room request and not for every type of room required (therefore, in the example above, we will have two room tags each with type attribute set to SGL).

Another important detail to be carried forward in the process of booking is your own reference: this must be unique (the system will refuse to create a booking for a reference already passed by the tour operator - this helps prevent double-booking and re-send a reservation request if you doubt that was not properly transposed the first time).
The reference should not exceed 20 characters in length.

In response to a reservation what you get is just an acknowledgment that guarantees the Tour Operator as to the proper receipt of the request for booking.