The TOWERS system provides semi-static data. By this term we indicate those elements of the system which, by their nature, tend to vary with medium-low frequency. These data provide new entries on biweekly or monthly basis and updates of existing data quarterly or biannually. You should first establish an environment capable of mapping semi-static structures from the TOWERS system so it simply will "translate" the data from the local Tour Operator to the remote Towers and vice versa.

The only data which are completely static are room types, coded as follows (see official documentation of the web service):

  • SGL: single
  • TWN: twin
  • DBL: double
  • TSU: twin for sole use
  • TRP: triple
  • QUD: quadruple
  • STR: rooms for more than 4 people (see specific section "Big rooms" in availability search doc )

On your expicit request, we can configure your account to return two additional room typologies:

  • 1px room for 1 passenger
  • 2px room for 2 people

These two typologies will be used instead of SGL/TSU and DBL/TWN when our feed cannot guarantee the correct room type.

This document contains recommendations on how to interface the system of a tour operator with a remote TOWERS (referring mainly to hotels). Note, however, as per technical specifications of web services, that other types of services work under the same architecture.