Booking flow

The expected booking flow for transport service starts with an availability search that returns some agreements.
Every agreement is a possible solution for your request, has a unique code, and contains all the details for the service (vehicle, category, extras, additional info...) including the prices.
Every availability has a unique search number, that you need to provide in subsequent requests.

Inside every agreement, you can find one or more supplements. Supplements could be free or not and could also be compulsory in some cases (like an extra charge for specific days/times).
A supplement could also be returned without prices tag, this means the supplement needs to be quoted in a detailed_availability.
Some agreements could contain a additional_required_info tag. If so, it is mandatory to provide the requested info in the detailed availability search.

Once you have chosen an agreement, you should proceed with a detailed_availability, which requires the search number and the agreement code from previous availability search.
Deatailed availability returns all the available updated data for requested agreement, including supplement quotation. If data returned in detailed availability differs from the first availability search, the detailed data is intended to be the correct one and the one you should use.
If required from the previous step, you should provide also the additional_required_info.
The detailed_availability can be performed more than once on the same agreement. You can do this to obtain prices for different supplements.
Aside from updated agreement, detailed_availability also returns info about required paxes (how many paxes are compulsory, how many are optional, if the phone number is mandatory, if the email is mandatory) and additional_fields. Additional fields are additional information requested by supplier. Compulsory ones must be provided in order to confirm the booking.

Once yor quotation is done, you can proceed with the book step.
You need to provide all the info required in detailed_availability, such as paxes and additional_fields.
If you want to buy any optional supplement, you should also request them here.

Please note: with some suppliers, it could take some time (even minutes) for the booking to get confirmed!

You can request booking data with a track request. A track can be performed with both our reference or your reference.

You can request booking cancellation with a cancel request. Also the cancel can be requested with both our reference or your reference.

Please note: cancellation is not possible afer the deadline. If you need to cancel a booking in deadline, please contact the office.