This API is meant to obtain customer's data through the customer code.


The type attribute has to be set to track.

The product attribute has to be set to customer.

    <query type="track" product="customer">
            <filter type="customer" code="demo_client"/>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
    <response type="track" product="customer">
            <code value="demo_client"/>
            <name value="DEMO CLIENT"/>
            <corporatename value="Demo client"/>
            <active value="A"/>
            <mailstaff value=""/>
            <mailaccountability value=""/>
            <country value="ITALIA"/>
            <city value="VENEZIA"/>
            <address value="VIA BRUNACCI 9/B"/>
            <zip value="30175"/>
            <province value="VE"/>
            <accountability value=""/>
            <tax value=""/>
            <genre value="ADV"/>
            <sdi value=""/>
                <thirdpart name="aves" code="0007106"/>