In the response message, within the tag response, you can find the list of booking. You can see the fields desrcibed below:

HOTEL TYPE (type = 1)

  • envelope/response/bookings/[supplier code] contains the code of the supplier in our system (each supplier we have is indentified by a specific code).
  • envelope/response/bookings/[supplier] contains the supplier name
  • envelope/response/bookings/[customertaxcode] contains the customer tax code (VAT number)
  • envelope/response/bookings/[clerk code] contains the code of the clerk that managed the booking.
  • envelope/response/bookings/[booking code] contains the booking code
  • envelope/response/bookings/[status code] contains the booking status code
  • envelope/response/bookings/[checkin date] contains the booking checkin date
  • envelope/response/bookings/[checkout date] contains the booking checkout date
  • envelope/response/bookings/[hotel code] contains the hotel code (in our system).
  • envelope/response/bookings/[hotel name] contains the hotel name
  • envelope/response/bookings/[hotel city] contains the hotel city
  • envelope/response/bookings/[agreement] contains the booked agreement
  • envelope/response/bookings/[distributor] contoains code and name of distributor
  • envelope/response/bookings/[hotel address] contains the hotel address
  • envelope/response/bookings/[currency code] contains the currency code
  • envelope/response/bookings/[roombasis meal] contains the meal code. You can decode it checking the table in the bottom of the documentation.
  • envelope/response/bookings/[roombasis breakfast] contains the breakfast code. You can decode it checking the table in the bottom of the documentation.
  • envelope/response/bookings/[deadline date] contains the deadline date
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[room type] contains the room type code
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[date] It may happen that the room price changes depending on the day, e.g. the price of Saturday can be higher that the price of Friday. If you perform a reservation from Friday to Sunday, in this section you can see the specific price for each date.
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[sell] contains sell price
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[pax title] contains the pax title (e.g. MR, MRS).
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[pax initial] contains the pax initial
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[pax surname] contains the pax surname
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/rooms/[pax leader] is set to “true” if the pax is the leader of the reservation.
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/configuration/card/[ccnumber] virtual card number
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/configuration/card/[startvalidity] start validity of the virtual credit card
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/configuration/card/[endvalidity] end validity of the virtual credit card
  • envelope/response/bookings/details/configuration/card/[cvc] card verification code
  • envelope/response/bookings/remarks/remark[code] remark code
  • envelope/response/bookings/remarks/remark[text] remark text


  • envelope/response/bookings[startcity name] contains the start city name
  • envelope/response/bookings[endcity name] contains the end city name
  • envelope/response/bookings[assistant nett] contains the assistant cost
  • envelope/response/bookings[date] contains the pickup date
  • envelope/response/bookings/pickupPoint[name]
    contains the pickup point name
  • envelope/response/bookings/pickupPoint[address]
    contains the pickup point address
  • envelope/response/bookings/dropoffPoint[name]
    contains the drop off point name
  • envelope/response/bookings/dropoffPoint[address]
    contains the drop off point address
  • envelope/response/bookings/baggages[number]
    contains the number of baggages
  • envelope/response/bookings/[car]
    contains the type car
  • envelope/response/bookings/[deadline]
    contains the deadline date
  • envelope/response/bookings/[starthotel]
    contains name and id of start hotel
  • envelope/response/bookings/[endhotel]
    contains name and id of end hotel
  • envelope/response/bookings/[GUID]
    contains the GUID value
  • envelope/response/bookings/supplements[supplement]
    contains the id and value of remark
  • envelope/response/bookings/remarks[remark]
    contains the text and date of remark

TOUR TYPE (type = 4)

  • envelope/response/bookings[starttime time] contains the start time
  • envelope/response/bookings[tour id] contains the tour code
  • envelope/response/bookings[total] contains the total amount
        <version> 1.0.0</version>
        <timestamp> 1258554875</timestamp>
    <response type="track" product="bookings">
            <supplier code="JCAP3251704"> JACOB ONLINE LTD</supplier>
            <customertaxcode>06543675876 </customertaxcode>
            <clerk code="PATICO"/>
            <booking code="2020-112033"/>
            <status code="cnf"/>
            <checkin date="2020-05-29"/>
            <checkout date="2020-05-31"/>
            <hotel code="18694" name="kennedy"/>
            <city code="rom"> ROME</city>
            <address>Via Filippo Turati, 42,00185 Rome,Italy</address>
            <currency code="EUR"/>
            <net amount="209"/>
            <roombasis meal="RB" breakfast="C"/>
            <deadline date="2009-05-25"/>
                    <room type="dbl">
                        <pax title="MRS" initial="C" surname="FERNANDEZ" leader="true"/>
                        <pax title="MR" initial="L" surname="CARBONNE"/>