Booking status codes are described below.

  • SNT status means, if you see it for more than 20 minutes (it should be a status changing very very fast to something else, like CNF or REJ), that something went wrong. A manual intervention is required.

  • SND status means the system is waiting for supplier response. If you see this status for a long time you should get in touch with the supplier in order to know what went wrong, but it will probably change soon by itself in CNF or REJ

  • PND is a status which is returned when the client needs to wait for a response from the supplier. It occurs if:

    • the availability is on request
    • the extrabed and/or the cot need to be confirmed by the supplier

    If the PND status remains for a long time it means that an error occurred on the supplier side. When this happens in production you should open a ticket asking support to unblock the booking. This will end up in a unlock or - sometimes - in a booking deletion. Please notice that the tracking response including the confirmed status for extrabeds or cots will be sent to the endpoint specified in the responses field in the booking request, therefore a responses field must have been provided.

  • CNF means the booking is confirmed

  • CXL means the booking is cancelled

  • REJ means the booking has been rejected before confirmation