This call will continue being parsed but it is now deprecated If you need to set closures for checkin, you can use the setclosure operation with checkinonly element to Y

The supplier sends this message to set closure check-in and terms. The query type (type) is set to setclousuretoarrival.

Below you can see the fields you can find in the message body and their meanings.



closing period

  • startdate

    first closing check-in day

  • enddate

    last closing check-in day

  • roomcode

    room types that have to be closed

    • SGL single room
    • TWN twin room
    • DBL double room
    • TRP triple room
    • QUD quadruple room

Let’s see an example of message the client could send.

    <query type="setclousuretoarrival" product="hotel" agrement="1299">

The reply message contains, within tag response, the string "OK" or in case of error the string "error code XX (description)", where XX represents an error code (error code list)