The supplier sends this message to set the value of “minimum stay” parameter: with this method you can set the minimum number of nights that has to be booked for a specific combination (period, contract and, if you want, also room type). The query type (type) is set to setminimumstay.

PAY ATTENTION: A period of allotment must be already entered in order to process the request. The period must exist, it doesn’t matter with which values.

PAY ATTENTION: it is recommended to use this instruction AFTER the allotments setting in order to avoid overwritings.

Setting nights = 1 you can delete a minimum stay > 1 which has been previous inserted. The value 1 means that, for a specific period, there isn't any minimum stay set.

Below you can see the fields you can find in the message body and their meanings.

  • startdate

    effective date of the period with minimum stay

  • enddate

    end date of the period with minimum stay

  • nights

    number of nights

  • roomtype

    this is an optional field, that you can use if you want to set a specific minimum stay only for a specific room type (and not for all the room types bound to the contract). Parameter which identifies the room type:

    • SGL single room
    • TSU twin for sole use room

      If present, it has to be specified. The TSU doesn't inherit the minimum stay of the TWN.

    • TWN twin room
    • DBL double room
    • TRP triple room
    • QUD quadruple room
  • checkindays

    this field has to be set to 0,1,2 etc; the values refer to the days of the week ('MON':0, 'TUE':1, 'WED':2, 'THU':3, 'FRI':4, 'SAT':5, 'SUN':6).

Let’s see an example of message the client could send.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <query type="setminimumstay" product="hotel" agrement="1299">
    <!-- new template with night = 3 -->
<!-- not mandatory -->
    <-- -->