Once the message has been successfully received by the booking system Towers is possible to proceed in two ways: wait for the asynchronous response or make a periodic polling.

The advice is, if possible, wait for the asynchronous response that will be sent to the web service Tour Operator indicated in the message tag responses.
The format of the asynchronous message is very similar to the message of booking and is therefore easy to recognize and interpret it if you do manage to make the first stage of the booking.

If instead you wish to use polling - usually more "costly" in terms of resources - it will be possible to schedule an automatic check of all bookings that are currently in a state not "definitive."
This procedure, however, does not guarantee the prompt receipt of any communications or alterations made by TOWeRS system operators after the final confirmation of booking.

You can instead perform a synchronous booking operation and get immediately the result in the response.
Please notice that sometimes the booking status could not be confirmed yet due to supplier’s restrictions. Should this happen you’re asked to perform further trackings in order to be updated on the booking status changes.