Once a booking reached the previous point, it can already be considered "complete".
However it is not uncommon in the workflow of a booking, to require changes of various kinds.

Should therefore be noted that an amendment to a booking corresponds essentially to resubmit the reservation according to new details that you want, without the need to supplement it with additional research or availability and deadline.
Where not possible to confirm the change request, the booking will be restored in the state confirmed earlier.

The changes possibly relate to dates, rooms and names of passengers.

It should be noted that not all the hotels and suppliers are always ready to accept these changes, so in case of unexplainable rejections is always appropriate to manually contact the operators of the Towers system.

Cancellations consist in simply sending your booking reference in the cancellation message.

Changes and cancellations return only an acknowledgement, and therefore require to check (or wait) the state change of the reservation. So please notice that when performing a cancellation you won’t be able to know immediately about the result of your cancellation request and a number of tracking calls are required in order to be sure of a booking successful cancellation.

Finally we wish to stress that it is possible to communicate with the operators of a TOWeRS system even inserting remarks within the reservations. These notes can be free text or coded - however in this case codes should be taken from the semi-static data.