The reply message contains within tag response the various fields that describe the tariffs for each type of room.


Room type. It collects all data relating to a room type.

  • roomcode

    Parameter that identifies the room type

    • SGL single room
    • TSU twin for sole use room
    • TWN twin room
    • DBL double room
    • TRP triple room
    • QUD quadruple room
    • cot
    • extrabed
  • dates

    • date
      • value start date
    • tax

    imposed taxes. You can receive this field (not always).

    • days

    number of day. (You can add this number to the start date to get the end of the period. If these two dates correspond this value is set to 0)

    • value

    rate of room. Please notice that this is the gross price (it includes also the taxes)

Let’s see an example of message the client could receive.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <response type="getrate"/>
    <roomtype roomcode="TSU">
            <date value="2022-02-14">
            <date value="2022-03-10">
            <date value="2022-03-11">

In case of error the reply message contains, within tag response, the string "error code XX (description)", where XX represents an error code