The reply message contains, within tag response, the various fields that show the active contracts specifying the room type.

  • code

    hotel contract

  • commission

    this field may be filled with the markup of our systems. The channel managers always consider the net price, so the commission can be useful for them to obtain it (discount).

  • description

    room name

  • room

    room type

  • update

    Optional element that will be returned if the request was performed with the extended attribute. Derived contracts will populate this element with value READ ONLY while contracts that share allotments will return with value RATES

Below you can find an example of response the client could receive.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <response type="gethotelscontracts"/>
            <description>STANDARD ROOM</description>
            <description>SUPERIOR ROOM</description>
            <update>READ ONLY</update>

From the response above, you can see the uploaded contracts (in this case 801, 802) for the required hotel and, for each contract, the available rooms:


    801: TWN, SGL, DBL


    802: TRP, TWN, SGL, DBL QUD

This is the meaning of all the codes:

  • SGL: single room
  • TWN: twin room
  • DBL: double room
  • TRP: triple room
  • QUD: quadruple room