The supplier sends this message about the facilities rates. The query type (type) is set to getrate.

Below you can see the fields you can find in the message body and their meanings.


Room type. It collects all data relating to a room type.

  • roomcode

    Parameter that identifies the room type

    • SGL single room
    • TSU twin single use room
    • TWN twin room
    • DBL double room
    • TRP triple room
    • QUD quadruple room
    • cot (small letters)
    • extrabed (small letters)
  • dates

    Set of rates dates.

    • value

    effective date

    • days

    number of days. (You can add this number to the effective date to get the end of the period. If these two dates correspond the value is set to 0).

Let’s see an example of message the client could send.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<query type="getrate" product="hotel" agrement="1299">
        <roomtype roomcode="TSU">
                <date value="2022-12-09">