This method is still efficient, however the same operation can be performed just through the parameter “generic” of the setavail call.

Through the setgeneric, the supplier sends a message to set the value of the parameter “generic”. The query type (type) is set to setgeneric.

Below you can see the fields you can find in the message body and their meanings.

  • startdate

    Starting date for the interval

  • days

    number of days. (You can add this number to the effective date to get the end of the period. If these two dates correspond you must set this value to 0)

  • value

    New value to set

Let’s see an example of message the client could send.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <query type="setgeneric" product="hotel" agrement="5629">
      <generic value="Y"/>