IMPORTANT NOTE: The request for booking with contextual payment MUST be sent to a different end-point than the rest of our API.

For the TEST environment the URL for booking with contextual payment is:
Please contact us and explicitly ask for the LIVE end-point for contextual payments.

Booking request with contextual payment uses the same request as a booking request, with a new section:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <query type="book" product="hotel">
   <search number="1238"/>
   <synchronous value="false"/>
   <checkin date="2003-09-05"/>
   <checkout date="2003-09-13"/>
   <city code="vce"/>
   <hotel code="2860" agreement="LCL.3186"/>
   <reference code="BOOK2005 000001"/>
    <to url=""/>
    <to url="mailto://"/>
    <room type="dbl" extrabed="true" cot="true">
     <pax leader="true" title="MR" initial="G" surname="ROSSI"/>
     <pax title="MS" initial="M" surname="ROSSI"/>
     <pax title="MR" name="GIOVANNI" surname="ROSSI" age="5"/>
    <remark code="RH"/>
    <remark code="NSR"/>
    <remark code="PFR" text="25EUR"/>
    <card number="4532370203002601" />
    <cvv number="412" />
    <expire date="0315" />
    <title> MR </title> 
    <surname> Test </surname> 
    <name> User </name>
    <cf> XXXXXX </cf>
    <address> test address </address> 
    <city>Test </city>
    <country> I </country>
    <zip> 12345 </zip>
    <telephone> 000/3144113 </telephone>
    <mobile> 000/3144115 </mobile>
    <fax>000/3144118 </fax>
    <email> </email>

As you can see, there's a new section Payment that contains the following fields:

  • Card
    • The credit card number
  • CVV
    • Security code written on the back of your card
  • Expire

    • The expire date of your credit card, as MMYY (month number followed by the last 2 digit of the year)
  • userdetails
    • Optional. It's possible to create a new user to use for the creation and payment of the booking. It contains:
      • title
        • Title of the user (accepted are: MR, MS, MISS)
      • surname
        • Surname of the user
      • name
        • Name of the user
      • cf
        • Fiscal code of the user
      • address
        • Address of the user
      • city
        • City of the user
      • country
        • Country code of the user
      • zip
        • ZIP code of the user
      • telephone
        • Telephone of the user
      • mobile
        • Mobile phone of the user
      • fax
        • Fax of the user
      • email
        • Email address of the user

in order to perform test bookings you can use a specific fake credit card (works only in our TEST environment):

  • Number: 4242424242424242
  • Expire: 12/2021 (1221)
  • CVV: 123